About the Blog

I think I’ve always been fascinated with words. How they describe life, how they ascribe meaning yet limit it at the same time. As a child, I always wanted to learn new words and new ways to understand the world around me. I wanted to read everything, know everything, see everything. I wanted to gather all the words I knew and write them down until I had the next Great American Novel, or something like unto it.

This writing endeavor stems from that fascination. Though I have relinquished my unrealistic childhood hope of capturing the hearts and imaginations of untold millions with a few chapters of a book going nowhere, I still find myself with a need to write. I believe that everyone with a voice deserves to be heard, and everyone with a soul deserves a voice.

This blog has two titles, each of which express my approach to life, but in slightly different ways. The first, “Between Scripture and Space Opera”, represents the two greatest ways by which I assess my relationship with myself and with the world around me: religion and science fiction. While those two topics will likely be among the most frequent features on the blog, they are not intended to be the entirety of its existence. The second title expresses this again, in slightly different wording: “faith, art, joy”. Through faith (which includes religion) and through art (which includes, but is certainly not limited to, science fiction), I believe that I can find something which resembles joy.

Or in a single sentence: this is me, trying to let a little bit of myself into the universe, in the hope that the universe will respond in kind by letting a little bit of itself improve me.

(See also: “Faith, Art, Joy — A brief explanation”)


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