As Salvation Cometh — (Poem)

They look upon the avenging angels of God and say, “Evil will not overtake us. We are safe.” Yet they are only halfway right. Evil need not overtake them because it has already found purchase in their hearts, by way of flattering words and obliged instincts—the wisdom of men woven into soft linen to wrap the bitter pill of sin and fix it to their souls.

They see the armies of heaven and think, “Ah! We are saved,” but they are correct only in part: the chariots and cherubim are not there to destroy the enemies of men, but to smite the enemies of God.


inspired by Amos chapter 9 verse 10, which in the King James version reads as follows: “All the sinners of my people shall die by the sword, which say, The evil shall not overtake nor prevent us.”


Original Poetry: Bittersweet

Stories are full of heroes and villains, of great men and of monsters. But what about the ones caught in-between? The ones who slide down the path towards evil, but are good in their heart? Through writing this, I tried to express what that meant to me.


Pain, anguish, death, sorrow, heartbreak, betrayal. Old friends become hated enemies, we become the enemy of ourselves. Corruption, blackmail, espionage, treason. We ignore the good and forget to heed its wisdom. Homicide, suicide, fratricide, genocide. The wrong company and the wrong vice will lead you down the path of endless fire. Tragedy. It will eat you up. Vain ambition. It will tear you down. Your sacrifices will be for naught, you cannot hide forever. It all comes in time, no more than you deserve.

Peace, calm, healing, warmth, love, joy. Hated enemies become old friends, we come to respect ourselves. Honesty, integrity, kindness, dignity. We free ourselves of evil and become beacons of light. Forgiveness, charity, redemption, salvation. The right people and the right mission will lead you out of the furnace and into the light. Trials. They will bring you low. Faith. It will raise you high. Your sacrifices will have meaning, your heart will not remain hidden. It all comes in time, no less than you are entitled to.